Biozone ATC Air Filter Units - Heavy Duty Air Filters for Home and Commercial Uses

ATC (Air Traffic Controller) Air Filters and Air Sanitizers

Biozone Air Purifiers use the scientifically advanced, proprietary, PureWave process that removes contaminants from air, surfaces and water through the use of its powerful photoplasma  method. Biozone's ATC air filter and air purifier units are ideal for reducing airborne and surface bacteria and other biological contaminants for an improved hygienic environment as well as removing heavy pollutants caused by tobacco smoke, gases, strong odors and more.

Biozone ATC units are compact, powerful units that can significantly reduce pollutants and contaminants in commercial environments.

Safer, healthier environments for manufacturing, processing, customers, and employees. Protect your home or business from contamination such as air borne bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, smoke odors, dust and much more with a BioZone ATC air filters, air purifiers and sanitizers.


  • Purifying Method - Photoplasma
  • Housing Material - ABS, Aluminum Composite
  • Electric - ATC I, II input 12 VDC; ATC III input of 110-230 VAC internal conversion to 12VDC
  • Dimensions: 18" x 13" x 7"

WARRANTY: Full 3 year warranty

MODELS: ATC I, ATC II, ATC III - The BIOZONE Models ATC I, ATC II and ATC III have been discontinued by BIOZONE - We will be posting their replacement models here as they become available. Any questions, feel free to give us a call Toll Free -

APPLICATIONS: Bars / Lounges, Restaurants, food service and processing, animal retention, odiferous areas, any large open space, refrigerated spaces.

BioZone PowerZone Air Purifiers

Biozone PowerZone Air Purifiers use the scientifically advanced, proprietary, PureWave process that removes contaminants from air and surfaces through the use of its powerful photoplasma  method. Biozone's PowerZones are powerful air sanitizing and purifying units for sanitizing and decontaminating air and surfaces by destroying offensive odors, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and chemical gases. The BioZone Powerzone air purifying and sanitizing systems are extremely effective where contamination or lingering odor problems exist.

Biozone PowerZone air units are powerful, easy to carry, high output air purification units and ideal for cleaning and restoration work.

Safer, healthier environments and air free from odors, harmful fumes, and biological contaminants.


  • Purifying Method - Photoplasma
  • Housing Material - Aluminum
  • Electric -12VDC; PowerZone IV - Input of 110-230 VAC, internal conversion to 12VDC
  • Dimensions - PZ I 3.5"x15"; PZ II + III 6"x19"; PZ IV 6"x25"

WARRANTY: Full 3 year warranty

MODELS: PowerZone I, PowerZone II, PowerZone II, PowerZone IV

APPLICATIONS: Great for removal of odors from tobacco smoke, urine, body odors, foods, pets, mildew, diapers, sewage, fire, smoke or floods. Totally deodorize cars, trucks, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, newly painted rooms, etc. Don't cover the odors with deodorizers, kill the odors with the PowerZone Air Sanitizer.

"ATC" Units

Common Use for the Model:



Model # PowerZone I Blaster for small commercial use. For smaller spaces or low pollutant levels; great for decontaminating vehicles, hotel rooms or up to 3000 sq. ft. with low pollutant levels. $995.95


Model # PowerZone II Blaster with high output, heavy duty use. For larger decontamination jobs or faster results in small areas; can handle heavy pollutants in spaces up to 1500 sq. ft. $1,495.95


Model # PowerZone III Blaster for commercial, industrial, and restoration. Heavy Duty. The most popular PowerZone model; very powerful and versatile; does cars or rooms in quick order; can decontaminate areas up to 2500 sq. ft.. $1,899.95


Model # PowerZone IV Blaster for commercial, industrial, and restoration. Highest output. The most powerful PowerZone; excellent for fire or flood restoration work or other high demand operations; decontaminates up to 4000 sq. ft. $2,299.95




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